Frequently Asked Questions

How long does my hair need to be?

You should leave at least 4 weeks growth from your last wax and 3 weeks growth from your last shave to get the best results. It isn't the fact 'my hair grows really fast', your hair grows in different stages, if you arrive for your appointment with your hair grown less, you will not get great results and I really wouldn't want you to be wasting your time or money. I know that growing hair out is a pain, but believe me it is so worth it.

How long will the results last?

We are all different. In most cases you will see minimal hair growth during the first 3 weeks, with a noticeable increase after that. If you usually shave it can take two to three treatments to get rid of early regrowth. Please do not be tempted to shave any early regrowth, be strong! Continued waxing DOES encourage slower, sparser regrowth.

How often should I get waxed?

If you want to be as smooth as a baby's bum (who doesn't?), then ideally it is best to be waxed every 4 weeks or more depending on your hair growth. You may find after a while, you can leave it longer between each wax.

Why get waxed?

I myself have disposed of the razor since being waxed. I have had regular treatments for the past few years, and I love it! Some people do it to feel cleaner. Others may do it because it makes them feel sexier. Some may say it saves trying to squat in the shower, to get them hard to reach places, when 9/10 times you know you're at risk of cutting something (OUCH!). But most importantly, it reduces the rate in which your hair grows back, including the thickness and density, in turn avoiding them nasty shaving rashes.

What will happen if I have booked an intimate wax?

I have been trained by the best in the industry. I have no nonsense technique, means there is no fussing around with towels or paper knickers covering you, only exposing and waxing a bit at a time. I have been trained to carry out the treatment as quickly and as pain-free as possible. If you want to be hair free and care free, you will need to get naked from the waist down, yes you will need to take your knickers off. It's okay, we are all women and I will do my best to make you feel comfortable. I have seen it all before, so try not to worry, I am concentrating on removing every single hair, and ensuring you have the best Hollywood/ Brazilian you have ever had, so you return to me for all your waxing needs. If you're still feeling uneasy, take a look at my reviews...there have been plenty of girls who felt worried about their first wax but it is never as bad as you think, trust me!

Will it hurt?

THE question on everyone's lips. Everyone has a different tolerance to pain. Shaved hair is much stronger and tougher, so you may find the first wax to be a little more painful. But it does get easier, as the hair thins and grows sparser, of course that's if you can manage to deter yourself from the razor! Besides, it will be over before you know it!

What if I am on my period?

Life doesn't stop, neither does your wax treatments. As long as you wear a tampon or a mooncup and you are clean and fresh down there, then this will not be a problem. However, if you still do not feel comfortable having your wax at this time, please bare your cycle in mind when booking your appointments.

What if I am pregnant, can I still be waxed?

You are perfectly fine to still be waxed whilst pregnant. You can be waxed safely from the very first day of pregnancy, right up until your due date. Just bare in mind if you have never been waxed before, you may be a lot more sensitive in your first trimester.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

Relaxxxx , our minds can be our own worst enemy making something out to be so much worse than it is...I will make sure you walk out of my studio feeling fresh and confident wishing you had started waxing a long time ago. If it is your first time try time it outside your time of the month, we are even more sensitive a few days before our period so bare this in mind. Exfoliate the area regularly helping to avoid any ingrown hairs and rid the surface of dead skin, this helps get the best results. Keeping hydrated is just as important, our skin needs water, if you are de-hydrated your skin will be tight and dry and your hair will be a lot more brittle, this can cause discomfort and even breakage, so please drink plenty of water. Lastly, wear loose clothing to your appointment, go underwear free if you'd like, just so your skin can recover and your clothes wont rub. Cotton underwear and loose pants are a great choice. If you are really concerned about the pain, some clients take a paracetemol before their appointment to take the edge off.

Can I get waxed for my holiday?

Of course you can! My advice would be if you have never been waxed before I would book 2-3 appointments before your holiday. Why? because firstly it gives us a chance to determine how many days it may take for redness to subside, some people it's 24hrs some may be 72hrs, that way we know how many days before your holiday to book your wax for.
Secondly, the more you are. waxed the slower and finer your hair grows back, therefore if your 3rd wax is just before your holiday you can be sure it will last for your time away. There is no better feeling than when your in a bikini and you don't have to look down every day thinking 'Oh i have to shave that again...even if it is going to leave shave bumps'. Waxing gives us so much more confidence knowing no one can see any nasty shaving rash.

Been here a couple of times now and every time I’ve been made to feel comfortable and relaxed. Rosie couldn’t have been more helpful when trying to find a time slot for me and 4 friends to all come for a wax together! Such a lovely girl and I wouldn’t go anywhere else