Female Intimate Waxing

Female Body & Face Waxing


'Bon voyage' to your pubic hair. Using hot wax, every single hair will be removed from the front, back, inside and outside. A Hollywood includes the bum crack, any noticeable hair on your bum cheeks, the inner and outer labia and the pubic mound. Yes, that's it, ALL OFF! 

You may leave a landing strip on the pubic mound, just let me know.


G String

Using hot wax, this will remove hair on the bum crack and any noticeable hair on your bum cheeks. Think of the hair as being the shape of a g string, triangle shaped and tidied on top and tapered in narrow around the outer labia, narrowing as it reaches the bum cheeks. you should be able to wear a thong without any hair peeking out.



Using hot wax, this is a simple bikini line tidy. You will be able to wear bikini bottoms and not see any hair outside of your bikini line.


Rosie is a pleasant girl and very professional, she takes care over her work and always makes you feel relaxed
I would recommend Rosie for all your waxing needs.